An evaluation of Ron Nixon’s article, “U.S. Pours Millions Into Fighting Poachers in South Africa”

In this article, Ron Nixon, a writer for the New York Times, explains the millions of dollars that the Obama administration is contributing in strive to end elephant and rhino poaching in South Africa. Through further research, I found that Ron Nixon is a credible author and writer from Washington as well as a graduate from Alabama State University. As an author for press such as Yahoo News, New York Times, Seattle Times, and more, he mainly covers article about homeland security which is very off topic in comparison to this article. Additionally, he is the author of a best selling book, Selling Apartheid: South Africa’s Global Propaganda War.  His book is not about animal conservation, however, it does tell the story of an African propaganda campaign which involved religious, business operations, and more aligned with large Cold War politicians. Although he is not an expert on animal conservation, he does know an exceedingly amount of information on African current events.

Nixon did an exceptionally well job of inserting hyperlinks in his article that lead to What makes this article predominantly credible are his various links to the South Africa homepage on the New Yorhino-poaching-4rk Times website in which many of his articles are featured. In his article, Nixon states, “Trafficking in wildlife has decimated elephant and rhino populations in Africa. In the first eight months of this year, poachers had killed 749 rhinos in South Africa, up from 716 over the same period in 2014, according to the latest figures from the South African government” (Nixon, NY Times). I wanted to see if this statistic was credible so I went ahead and searched it up. To my analysis, I found Save The Rhinos‘ newsletter that lays out the same statistic for me, making it credible. I also found that he also includes various links to an organization called Earth Touch News Network, a news platform that covers stories about the natural world. This organization is more than credible because it includes writers, filmmakers and other contributors around the world. One example is Kelly Starzack, their chief editor. She has been seen as the editor of many earth news videos and her own personal twitter that also covers news. The websites “About Us” page names the crew with a headshot of them and their professional twitter pages.

Although I did notice a lot of in-text sources I did not notice a works ciron-nixon-panama-expert-times-journeysted page which would have helped a lot. Nixon uses links to other areas of the New York times to give factual evidence on his article. For example, in the 4th paragraph, he links to a page written by himself and Coal Davenport, an environmental scientist that covers climate and energy change for the New York Times. The article covered facts that include extremely credible courses that exceed in knowledge about the earth. Although Nixon isn’t an expert on animal conservation, I believe he does have a lot of connections to sources that excel in them which in conclusion makes this article fairly credible.


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