Part 1: How can China enforce it’s animal cruelty laws?


            For centuries, China has served as an excelling country full of invention, culture, and outstanding achievements in human history. It is home to today’s emerging technology, vital economic support, significant investments, and countless of other ideas. However, China is also home to a few of the harshest occurrences of animal mistreatment. Specifically, in areas where animals are carelessly looked out for whether they are in restaurants or even sanctioned shelters. In the food industry Chinese belief suggests that causing the animal as much pain as possible actually enhances the flavor of the meat. In very subtle areas of China, dogs are very mistreated and seen as n1000-yulin-dogs-in-cages1othing more than rodents. News reports have informed us about the horrors done to them including, being stoned, shot, and beaten to death on the streets of China. In essence, China does have very significant laws against animal cruelty, specifically in laboratory testing, but they are not doing enough to enforce them. For example, in Yulin, China, an annual Dog Meat Festival is held to celebrate the consumption of dog meat. Dogs are thrown in small cages and are harshly mishandled, causing humans to break their fragile bones soon to face their agonizing slaughter. This festival is a clear example of an instance where China does not enforce their animal cruelty laws enough. This should be prioritized on China’s economic agenda because thousands of innocent lives are being brutally slaughtered every single day. Animals exist to roam free just as we do; not to be severely slaughtered because we know that we can take advantage of them.We need to spread and stress the idea that the cruelty inhabiting China needs to end or there will be vital consequences. China is notorious for it’s animal cruelty and it seems like the laws are there but not enough is being done to put an end to animal mistreatment altogether.


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