Part 3 of “How can China enforce it’s animal cruelty laws?

What do I think?

            I am a very big advocate of sales and animals, however, not having animals being sold. It disgusts me that animals in China are being burned and boiled alive for the sake of a man’s appetite. Additionally, animals are being disrupted in their natural habitats to be hunted for their tusks and horns. I mean who decided to value ivory so high? Nowadays it’s just as valuable as gold. In Chinese folklore, ivory has been seen as a medicinal remedy for centuries; treating cancer and other illnesses, and even hangovers, deeming it extremely valuable. However, this tradition was proven a myth It has also been used as an aesthetic piece in the form of ornaments, ivory chopsticks, hair accessories, and jewelry to show one’s wealth and status. It is an essential part of the Chinese culture however, like many other culture’s traditions, it must come to an end. Today, poaching is a multi-million dollar industry in China that seems like it will never come to an end. I mean why should it come to an end? It creates jobs for poachers and infuses more money into the Chinese economy. Everyone wants money but at what cost?

In 1989, the International community implemented a ban on ivory to stop the soon to be extinct killing of elephants. So, only ivory that was obtained before 1989 could be sold. That’s when the demand for ivory shot through the roof. The week’s article, The tragic price of ivory, agrees that “Since there’s no way to distinguish between pre-ban and new ivory, the illegal ivory trade has accelerated to meet the demand, and poaching is now worse than before the global ban.” (The week,Staff) If the ban on poaching is not enforced enough, elephants can be extinct by the time our grandkids are on earth. I think ivory should be banned altogether from ancient artifacts to freshly sawed tusks, it all needs to go. The older the ivory is, the more valuable is becomes, that should not be an option. World leaders should burn it all or at the very least keep the remains under secrecy. Additionally, poachers now suffer from a large fine (up to $10,000) and up to five years in jail. Well, animal abuse just became a felony in the United States meaning that it is a serious crime. This is something I believe China can establish in their country. Because of it’s large size and booming population, China is hard to monitor which is why such laws can only be placed in small cities especially with the country being a circus ground for Black Market traders all over the world.

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